Welcome to the Sluggy Store!

You can log in to the store with the same username and password you use on the forums and the main page! In fact if you logged in before coming here, you're already logged into the store! Neat! 

Digital Pawnz are new in the store! When you buy these digital Pawnz be sure to be logged into your account! It's the only way we know which account to assign the Pawnz to! (And if your a Defender 20+ at level 2 or higher you already have them!) Also Digital Bookmarks are coming!

"Speaking of January 2018, we're planning on making signed books a Defenders exclusive next month!" I had made that statement before the store closed and just forgot to figure out HOW to make that happen in time for the store re-opening! This means everyone can have a signed book if they want for now. The change to making signed books a Defenders exclusive will happen without warning.

BOOKS! After all the holiday dust settled there were some IndyPlanet books left over, including a bunch of Book 17s. You have until February 16th to snag whats left of them if you'd like! You can always get them from IndyPlanet.

Shipping Schedule: I'm going to use my old-school store system. This means orders received by any given Friday will be packed up and shipped the next Monday and shipped some time that week (hopefully Tuesday). As everything ships USPS Priority Mail, it shouldn't be long before it reaches your door!

And that's it! Happy shopping, and thanks for supporting Sluggy Freelance for the first 20 years and INTO THE FUTURE!!!!


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