ALL THE BOOKS (Megatome01-Book18) are in stock and available to purchase, with a signed option, off while supplies last! 

INTERNATIONAL CUT-OFF DATE WAS DECEMBER 5TH: Any orders from outside the United States received after Dec 5th will be sent out only after all domestic packages have been sent. Any orders outside the United States recieved on or before Dec 5th should reach you by Christmas, hard-working postal carriers willing!

DOMESTIC CUT-OFF DATE IS DECEMBER 16TH: Any orders within the United States received on or before Dec 16th should reach you by Christmas, hard-working postal carriers willing! The Sluggy Store will hibernate (close) again on Dec 17th.

SIGNED BOOKS AND THE FUTURE:  I’ve been saying for almost a year that we’re going to be changing the way ‘signed books’ work. It’s still been on my ‘To-Do Pile’ so we’re going to keep the status-quo. But at some point he whole ‘store signed books’ system is going to be scrapped and rebuilt with something more in keeping with our current Defenders pledge rewards. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but now you have a chance to get the books signed if you want them!

LOG IN!You can log in to the store with the same username and password you use on the forums and the main page! In fact if you logged in before coming here, you're already logged into the store! Neat!

Book 18 is now available from IndyPlanet (along with most other Sluggy Books). Megatome 02 provides me with an interesting two questions. 1) Are there are more Megatome 02's lurking in the shadows of my storage facility? 2) Will it be cost prohibitive to POD Megatome 02, and thus have them revert to books 4, 5, and 6? Not sure yet. Will decide by the time book 19 comes out!

Book 19 "BROKEN" should be off to the printers by January! When it's ready, the store will be back!


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