Good News: The Sluggy Store is finally open again! Born of Nifty's (Megatome 1, containing books 1-3), Dangerous Days' (Book 9) in soft and hardcover, and plush beanie Bun-buns galore for all who want 'em!
Bad News: There is nothing new in the store, and almost no supplies of the other books (other books are available from IndyPlanet). I was hoping to get Megatome 02* back in print, and it's almost ready to go, but won't be ready in time. So there are a handful of other books (like Book 13 and Book 19) and a couple of shirt designs with limited shirt options. BUT Getting the Store open in and of itself is a victory to my soul.
*Side note: I do have some Megatome02s in hardcover left!

2021 INTERNATIONAL CUT-OFF DATE IS DECEMBER 1: Any orders from outside the United States received after Dec 1st will be sent out only after all domestic packages have been sent. Any orders outside the United States received on or before Dec 1st should reach you by Christmas, hard-working postal carriers willing!

2021 DOMESTIC CUT-OFF DATE IS DECEMBER 14: Any orders within the United States received on or before Dec 14th should reach you by Christmas, hard-working postal carriers willing! The Sluggy Store will hibernate (close) again on Dec 16.

SLUGGY STORE CLOSINGS: Since most of what I sell these days are books, and most of the books you can get on demand at IndyPlanet, this store will be offline more often than not between new book releases. I'll try to keep everyone up to date on the main Sluggy page if a store reopening is on the horizon, so keep an eye out there as you check out the new comics.

LOG IN!You can log in to the store with the same username and password you use on the forums and the main page! In fact if you logged in before coming here, you're already logged into the store! Neat!

SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Life may cause unexpected delays, but in general, orders received by any given Friday will be packed up the next Monday and go out soon thereafter. As everything ships USPS Priority Mail, it shouldn't be long before it reaches your door!

And that's it!  Happy shopping, and thanks for supporting Sluggy Freelance for the first 24 years and INTO THE FUTURE!!!!



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