Book 15- Timeless

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Color, 144 pages. Includes the comics from roughly September 2005 to March 2006 as well as a HUGE 18 page original Timless Space tale entitled  'Cœur d'Alène' revealing the fate of one of the Gray Team, and filled with timeless piratey goodness! This book was written and Illustrated by Pete Abrams with contributions by Clay Yount. McDonald

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In Timeless Space the only time you have is what you brought with you. And that 'time' strengthens with numbers. It is a dangerous desperate place where pirates sail the unmoving oceans, determined to steal themselves another day of existence. When the Map to the Key to escaping Timeless Space is taken by the notorious Captain Bun-bun, a number of powerful forces are set in motion that may change Timeless Space forever!

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