Book 16- Phoenix Rising-

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Color, 196 pages. Includes the comics from roughly March 2006 to January 2007 as well as a seven page original bonus story entitled "The Frost-Apple Festival", where hippies, zombies, and Riff's home-made hard cider cross paths! This book was written and illustrated by Pete Abrams with contributions by Clay Yount.

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The Gang is back together, keeping trouble in their rearview mirror! and driving in reverse….
After troubles untold in dimensions beyond imagination, the gang is finally back together. Meanwhile in the quaint little town of Podunkton, things aren’t what they seem. Oasis is back and as deadly as ever...

Get your book signed by Pete Abrams! Each book will also get a custom character head-shot doodle. Book 17 will have Nash Straw (aka Strawman) somewhere on the first two pages of the book, and will look something like this:

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