Book 20- 4U Green - 4U Blue

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Color, 272 pages. Includes the comics from roughly August 2009 to December 2010 as well as the thirteen page original bonus story “4U City Indigo” in which we learn the 4U City fate of a Kiki and a version of Bun-bun! This book was written and illustrated by Pete Abrams with contributions by T Campbell and John Waltrip. 

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Paradise and Perspective

Riff finds himself very much alive in the dystopian 4U City and begins to unravel mysteries while trying to maintain his ‘free’ will. Meanwhile, Torg leads a band of misfits as minions under the enigmatic Minion Master. Their true goal; to use Minion Master’s stolen technology to find what dimension Riff and Zoë ended up in and bring them home.

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