Book 01-03 (MegaTome01) - Born of Nifty

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Color, 336 pages.   Sluggy Freelance's First Megatome is three books in one! It contains every single daily strip from August 25th, 1997 to May 30th, 1999, with full color Sundays. There are also over 50 pages of additional content, with original full bleed splash artwork, the Sluggy Pirate Board Game "Plund-Aaaar," 42 pages of bonus stories, and more! Includes the 15 page Megatome 01 Exclusive "Zombies Want our Women!"

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  A whopping 336 pages containing stories like "The Sci -Fi Adventure" (introducing Aylee), "Vampires" (spotlighting Sam), "The Dimension of Pain," Bun-bun's first fight vs.Santa Claus, and so much more!

Get your book signed by Pete Abrams! Each book will also get a custom character head-shot doodle. MegaTome 01 will have a tiny Bun-bun somewhere on the first two pages of the book, and will look something like this:


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