Book 14- Skullduggery

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Color, 168 pages. Includes the comics from roughly December 2004 to September 2005 as well as a 9 page Zoë story entitled 'A Gossamer Truth.'  Written and Illustrated by Pete Abrams with contributions by Clay Yount and Ian McDonald.

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Illegal cloning, kidnapping, backstabbing, espionage, and ‘timeless-space-human trafficking’ are only the beginning of the nefarious events in this book. And did I mention the pirates? Skullduggery abounds. But maybe, just maybe we’ll finally find out what happened to Torg’s little lost bunny who was tossed out of time itself. This book covers everything from the final run of MitDOP to the Creepy Cloner Geeks, to "28 Geeks Later", from the beginning of Oceans Unmoving to the third installment of Torg Potter.

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