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SHIPPING ON TUESDAYS: Here's the plan for shipping items in 2017! Anything ordered from the Sluggy Store it will be packed up the next Mondy and ship the next day (Tuesday). So you may be waiting up to a week and a day for an item to ship, but since it's shipping Priority it should reach you super-fast at that point!

SHIPPING METHOD: Our current shipping system is based on how much merch I can stuff in a Flat Rate Envelope or Medium Flat Rate Box! I exclusively use USPS Priority Mail, and if you’re curious you can pre-check your rates at the USPS site!

02/15/16: For those of you who have been following my Shipping Rate woes: I tried to work out other shipping options other than USPS Priority Mail (especially after their across-the-board price increase last month) but each system is too complicated and unforgiving in too many ways. For now I'm sticking with Priority Mail despite my jaw dropping at how expensive international rates are.

PAYPAL:  we use Paypal for our payment processing.  You can use your credit card. You DO NOT have to open or have a Paypal account to buy stuff!
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MegaTome 01 (Books 1, 2 & 3) - Born of Nifty (Paperback)
Time to Die Nerdboy
MegaTome 01 (Books 1, 2 & 3) - Born of Nifty (Paperback) Time to Die Nerdboy
SKU: M01
SKU: S1701
Our price: $45.00
Market price: $49.95 save 10%
Our price: $20.00
Bun-Bun (Bean-bag Style)
Bun-Bun (Big Doll)
Bun-Bun (Bean-bag Style) Bun-Bun (Big Doll)
SKU: P03
SKU: P01
Our price: $16.00
Our price: $19.95
Market price: $28.00 save 29%