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Book 9- Dangerous Days (Paperback)

Book 9- Dangerous Days (Paperback)

Sluggy Freelance Book 9 has 128 full-color pages (no, we didn't re-color the black-and-white strips, but anywhere color showed online, it's in the book now!) containing every comic from May 13th through December 16th, 2002. This one features "Dangerous Days Ahead", "Torg Potter I", and "KITTEN II" storylines, and a ten page of never-before printed story revealing how Oasis met Feng and the Zalias entitled "The Path Unbeaten".

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Note from Pete Abrams: If you are interested, for an addtional charge of $4, I can add my signature along with a  small doodle of Bun-bun to your book. This would appear somewhere on the first 2 pages of the book.
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