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Kiki (Big Doll)

Kiki (Big Doll)

THESE ARE THE LAST OF THE ELAINE MOERTL KIKIS and when these handmade unique items are gone, they are gone forever!

If you're looking for something larger than our popular Bean-bag style Bun-Bun and Kiki doll, Elaine Moertl has created hand-made, life-size dolls of both Bun-Bun and Kiki. These dolls are more solid (you can't squish them into different poses), and aren't as soft to cuddle with, but they're significantly larger, and show up great in your car, on your desk, or in a pile with a bunch of other stuffed animals.

Kiki is slightly smaller than life-size (about 3/4 size). She has a Kiki-style half-smile, and blue/pink garnet eyes.

Notes for the large, hand-made Bun-Bun and Kiki dolls:

  • Although they are stuffed animals, neither Bun-Bun nor Kiki is specifically intended for children! Bun-Bun has a knife, which may not have a razor-edge, but could certainly poke a child. And although we think they're well-made, we can't guarantee that a little kid sucking on Bun-Bun's eyeball for an hour won't detach it and start choking. Likewise, Kiki has "garnet" eyes which could certainly come detached and choke a child. And we can't guarantee that the fabric is treated -- or not treated -- with special death-inducing gamma-waves :-) In other words, while they're both pretty much a soft stuffed animal, we just can't guarantee that they are safe for small kids. Like the strip itself, they're really intended for an older audience.
  • Each Kiki & Bun-Bun will be slightly different from the rest! Each doll is hand-made, and some are a bit chubbier, or have a slightly different expression, or have slightly different spots, or longer/shorter ears. So if you and a friend both get one, they most likely won't be identical!

Each stuffed Bun-Bun and Kiki comes with a sewn-in tag that reads "Designed by Elaine Moertl for Sluggy Freelance," so you'll know you're not getting a cheap rip-off Kiki sold on street corners in Tijuana (yeah, we've heard they're a hot item)!


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Bun-Bun (Big Doll)
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Bun-Bun (Bean-bag Style) Bun-Bun (Big Doll) Defender of the Nifty Pin
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